Illinois House Bill 630

ILLINOIS HB630 IS NOW LAW!!! So, what does this mean for homebrewers? Homebrewers now have the following requirements: * No one under 21 years of age may homebrew, and beer may not be sold at anytime. * The Commission must regulate the activities outside the homebrewer’s residence. * A license must be obtained if beer is offered at a festival. * Dram Shop Liability Insurance is required. * Samples (at […]

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2015 BJCP Guidelines

The long awaited 2015 BJCP Guidelines have been release. The new guidlines are very different from the 2008 Guidelines. If anyone is thinking of taking the BJCP exams, they will start using the new guidelines in November 2015. For BJCP sanctioned competitions they may use either set of guidelines. Make sure you check with the competition organizer. Download the new 2015 BJCP Guidelines.

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