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craft beer in rockford ilMenu as of 4/3/17

Rudy’s Rasp: 5.2% abv, Our raspberry golden ale with a touch of wheat.

Belgian Golden Ale: 6.0% abv, A Belgian Abbey with spice, banana and clove.

Always the Hardway: 8.2% abv, Our Double IPA brewed with Zythos and Falconer’s Flight hops.

Southy Bitch Slap: 5.2% abv, Our staple American / Irish Red.  Sweet, malty greatness.

Vanilla Bitch Slap: 5.2% abv, Our beloved Southy Bitch Slap, but aged and blended with Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans.

Death Grip: 7.8% abv, Our sister beer to Sweep the Leg, brewed with Citra, Mosaic and Falconers Flight 7C’s.

Sweep the Leg: 7.5% abv, A West Coast IPA brewed with Simcoe and Citra hops for all the Hop Heads.  Pucker up!

Blue Collar: 6.0% abv, California golden ale brewed for the working class.  Crisp & clean.

I against I: 6.0% abv, A hoppy red ale brewed with 6 different malts.  Hop additions are late in the boil. 40 IBU’s makes for a hoppy red.

Phil-Up: 6.0% abv, An American brown ale, brewed with toasty and fruity notes for our buddy Phil.


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