After much discussion between the officers of the Forest City Brewers and in light of the recent mandate made by the Illinois governor to Shelter in Place until the end of April, the April meeting and tasting competition has been cancelled, with no plans to reschedule. All other Club events are currently on indefinite hiatus as well. Whenever things start to return to some sense of normalcy, the officers will reconvene and decide the best course of action in-regards to ramping up Club activities. At that time, we may also send out a survey to all members to get their feedback on how and when we should resume Club activities.

As this is a social club just as much, if not more than a homebrew club, we encourage everybody to stay in contact with each other via our Facebook page. The monthly meetings and other various Club events were a good way to relax and get your mind off day-to-day stresses and we’ll no longer have that outlet. So if you post on there to relieve the boredom and cabin fever or to try to reduce some stress and anxiety that a lot people are probably feeling right now, go for it. Maybe we’ll get some ingredient trading or growler swaps going too.

And if you have the means, please try to support all the breweries, restaurants and homebrew stores that have supported our Club via various discounts and sponsored events over the years. Whether it’s by stocking up on brewing supplies, getting takeout food, picking up growlers to go or buying a gift card to use at a later date. Some of our local favorite spots may not make it through this.

And if you’re personally hit pretty hard by the quarantine, financially or emotionally, feel to reach out to us and we’ll do what we can to help.