2022 Style Tables

Given all the uncertainties surrounding 2020 and 2021, the officers decided to temporarily set aside the monthly brewing table contests. However, the club is bringing back both table contests in 2022. The styles for each month in 2022 are as follows:

January 2022: Cider (any style)

February 2022: 19A American Amber Ale

March 2022: 15C Irish Extra Stout

April 2022: 27 Roggenbier

May 2022: 34A Clone – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

June 2022: 25A Belgian Blonde

July 2022: 12B Australian Sparkling Ale

August 2022: Fruit Beer Challenge

September 2022: Kviek Yeast Strain Challenge

October 2022: 10B Dunkles Weissbier

November 2022: 9C Baltic Porter

December 2022: 34A Clone – Wild Onion, Drago (Russian Imperial Stout aged on bourbon barrels)

(January 2023: 17D English Barley Wine)


Best of luck to all the brewers! Cheers!