So, what does this mean for homebrewers?
Homebrewers now have the following requirements:
* No one under 21 years of age may homebrew, and beer may not be sold at anytime.
* The Commission must regulate the activities outside the homebrewer’s residence.
* A license must be obtained if beer is offered at a festival.
* Dram Shop Liability Insurance is required.
* Samples (at festivals only) may be given to consumers, at least 21 years of age, but no more than three 2 ounce samples to each consumer. Note: Previously, these festivals gave full size beers to basically anyone who asked, which is one of the reasons why the Commission shut them down.
* Homebrewers may not brew anywhere outside the home other than at a business at a fixed location that sells supplies and offers educational classes.
* Homebrewers may hold contests at a licensed premises; however, only judges (certified by a National Homebrewing Organization) may sample the beer. At no time may the homebrewers give their beer to anyone at a licensed premises other than a certified judge.

For more information. Go to the Illinois General Assembly website for details about the bill.


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