Monthly Styles

Forest City Brewers host a homebrew contest at club monthly meetings, with a different featured style chosen for each month. The contest is judged during a blind sampling taste test by those in attendance, and points and prizes are awarded to the winners. Monthly points are compiled to determine the Forest City Brewer’s “Homebrewer of the Year” awards. Check out our RECIPES page for starting points.

Please!! Pre-Register via email:

Provide the following information per entry :
First and Last Name
Style or Open
(NOTE: limit one entry per table per member)

2018 MONTHLY Styles 

(per 2015 BJCP Guidelines)

2018 OPEN TABLE Guidelines:

Register entry by email –
(This helps the beer stewards and making a smooth check in)

In order for your entry to be voted on and competition points awarded your entry must have the following:

  • List the Style and BJCP Guideline # for the beer/mead/cider submitted
  • Basic recipe paper/card should list-  grains, adjuncts, hops and yeast used (or full recipes)
  • 1 Entry per person
    NOT ALLOWED: Group blended or group barrel beers
    ALLOWED: Brewers Guilds or partner brewing (only one brewer may receive points)


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